“Ghost Dogs”

You might think of this video from Joe Cappa as a dog’s version of the movie Get Out… or maybe not. It doesn’t try to make any larger commentary. It just takes the horror genre and plays with it:

“A rescue pup discovers its new home is haunted by the family’s deceased pets in this mind-bending horror.”

Not-so-rapid Transit

Photo by Roman.

Here is a CTA Evanston Express train sauntering northward to the Howard Station. One can’t exactly call it “rapid” transit at this leg of its run… “brisk” maybe? In any case, this is also one of the spots on its route where the train sometimes gets stopped in traffic: some interfering Red Line or Skokie Swift train or a recalcitrant switch or some unauthorized personnel on the right-of-way… But not today.

Have I mentioned that I’ve always liked trains and railroads? So this CTA train in a classic train photograph pose should be no surprise. One would expect more, yes?

Except that I rarely have occasion to ride trains these days…

“Perfecting the Art of Longing”

I don’t know if this was intended as poetry, but it is poetry IMHO:

Newly posted on Vimeo by the National Film Board of Canada, the video’s description doesn’t quite do it justice, but:

Cut off from his loved ones due to the pandemic lockdown, a quadriplegic rabbi in a long-term-care facility is filmed remotely by his daughter. Offering powerful meditations on love and hope, Perfecting the Art of Longing shows us what it means to be alive in a state of profound isolation.

Springing in Place

Photos by Roman.

I’ve run across photographers able to bring macro photography of flowers at least a step beyond a pretty picture to something resembling floral portraiture, wherein the flowers are posed to suggest a vaguely human personality. Alas that I’m not one of them unless by accident; my technical skills and my equipment are far too modest. But these are pretty cute anyway, eh?

Oh… I’ve also seen portraiture of chickens… just sayin’…

Photo by Roman.
Photo by Roman.

Saint Urho

Finland has been an item in the news lately as one of the blow-back consequences of Putin’s ill-considered adventure in Ukraine. But that’s not what this is about: We need to smile, at least. Voila! This video.

I stumbled upon this video about Saint Urho while visiting the blog of science fiction author Walter Jon Williams: “Here we have a history of Finland’s totally genuine fake hero, St. Urho. Who was born in a Minnesota town called Virginia.”

Totally true. Originally broadcast on PBS stations WDSE / WRPT.