Surreally Dangerous

In a sense, this 7 minute video of incredibly beautiful tornadic violence is the video equivalent of academic field notes, no voice-over but with captions and music. I would nominate this as being Reed Timmer’s most spectacular storm video yet. You’ve got to see this, full screen and headphones recommended:

This video “uses zoomed-in 4k drone footage to analyze the complexities of tornado vortex dynamics, and especially the relationship of the tornado with the frictional surface of the Earth. We examine O-ring vortex structure with descending vortex breakdown bubbles, the intense jet-like vortices that form beneath these low pressure reservoirs, and the cyclical nature of all-of-the-above. We perform these analyses on the Andover, KS Dominator Drone footage from April 29, 2022. Never stop chasing.”

Summer on the Hood

Photo / graphic by Roman

In celebration or at least recognition of the hot time of the year, another of my current favorite subjects for photos: reflections off of cars. For this image, there is the added drama of contrasts in color, contrast, and clarity. The fanciful distortions of reflected reality are kinda neat in a still image, but consider the possibilities with video!

Vote Tuesday, June 28

Mural just south of Addison Street on Clark Street. There’s a second panel but a vehicle was blocking the shot. Photo by Roman.

The 2022 Illinois Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 28. It is your last opportunity to help chose your party’s candidates for the November general election by casting your vote in person, assuming you’re either a Democrat or a Republican.

For more information regarding polling places and candidates, consult your local board of election web site. You can find this plus additional information at the Illinois State Board of Election. Residents of Chicago can go directly to Chicago’s Board of Election Commissioners.

Use it or lose it.

Artists of the Wall 2022

For some reason long since obscured by time, the southern end of the beach in Loyola Park is bordered by a broad promenade and, for some 600 feet, a concrete retaining wall and bench. Just the place to gather graffiti like flies on a cow pie. Back in 1993, somebody decided to pre-empt the scrawls with artwork from the Rogers Park community that would be laid on the wall in June during a two day festival with music and vittles.

This year’s event was held over the Fathers’ Day weekend. The theme was The World of Tomorrow, I understand. I did not attend but several days later I came by to view the results and to photograph what I liked. The images below are the images that I preferred, not necessarily the “best” wall panels in the show no matter who is the judge.

Also, the wall is never finished in just two days. A few of the artists will be tinkering with their work for a while yet.

2022 wasn’t a bad year but I think there’ve been better. See for yourself.

(Recommended: Click any image below to enlarge it.)

I should add that while the photography is not bad mostly, this was not a best effort. The photos were taken in the late morning, not far from Noon, and the wall generally faces east with little shade. My camera is smarter about such things than I am, but even it had problems. It wasn’t made easier by the new paint that had something of a gloss to it, the reflected light complicating matters even more. It was a situation that inspires gratitude for digital over film… Lots of discards… Late afternoon or maybe a bright overcast day might be better for someone like me. Or if you have a better camera that allows for more manual control, maybe the time of day is not so important… Just sayin’…