The Squares of the City

Photo by Roman.

Not exactly coincidentally, The Squares of the City was the title of another of the late John Brunner’s classic novels. The book’s plot was determined by the moves of an actual chess game. In this case, it was the competing metrics of reflection and of concrete that brought Brunner’s title to mind. I’m not sure what kind of game should be played on this board, but I am sure it’s expensive.

“Transient 3”

If you like storm chasing videos, especially if they could be mistaken for a music video, then you’ll like Dustin Farrell’s latest, Transient 3. As with the previous videos in the Transient series, Farrell’s attention is drawn to lightning first.

Yes, the photography and editing are good and the storms spectacular yet I would have taken a pass on sharing this video but for the oddest of reasons: I really dig the credits at the end of the video. Full screen, headphones and stay for the end.

“Chasing Reality”

It’s getting on towards storm chasing season in the Great Plains and here in the Midwest. I’m very much a fan of it, but strictly from home as aside from finances, this short documentary by Chris Kridler done back in 2011 shows what actual chasers actually do and much of it is stuff I’d rather not. Storm chasing is not a bed of roses… bedbugs sometimes…

Except for the stay-at-homes (like me), storm chasing is one of those avocations / vocations where basic photographic or videographic competence is almost a necessity and therefore formal documentaries abound. As well as for its focus on the gritty, this one is worth watching because: You may have also noticed that storm chasing is a very testosterone soaked occupation. I like to think this is changing…