Lost Marbles

Photo / graphics by Roman.

I lost my marbles the other day.

Photo by Roman.

I threw them all away.

Never did play them much anyway.

Photo by Roman.

They were nicked and dusty

And by lost packets interrupted

From the platonic ideal,

Photo by Roman.

Their kaleidoscope magic dimmed

Photo by Roman.

For it was light from other days.


Lost marbles in the light of other days. Photo / graphic by Roman.

Murmuration Psychology

complex behavior from simple idiocy…

Photo / Graphic by Roman.

A crowd of me
Gathers around the screen
To watch the work
Of some of us
And are so pleased
To be surprised.

As we gather,
We snack on nuts and flesh
In nervous anticipation,
Not all of us pleased
To be fed.

Every one of them me.
As me as me as could ever be.
Some are ephemeral,
Some seem hardwired.

We don’t all agree
And frequently quarrel:
Or was that really an accident?


Shadow & Texture

Photo / graphic by Roman.

Another shadowscape from my apartment wall.

This reminds me very much of the stucco ceiling of an apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after having consumed a mushroom and some blotter. It was a texture that I became lost in for what may have been days except it was not much more than half an hour when it came to pass that it was time to leave for the 4th of July fireworks…

I try but sometimes I’m just lucky.