Hedgehog’s Home

“An animated Film by Eva Cvijanović based on the classic story by Branko Ćopić.” Or: “There’s no place like home.” Or: maybe a rather darker, Brothers Grimm, version of “The Wind in the Willows.” This is a really wonderful example of stop-motion filmmaking.


God of the Flies

Fruit flies share my house.
Their manna is my waste.
I kill them one by one.

They adore me, circle round me;
I clap my hands
To kill them one by one.

Seeking light for wisdom, they land.
It’s easy then
To kill them one by one.

Still they adore me and fly in my face
As if to seek the eye of God
And they die, one by one.

— Yip

Fly illustration credit: By Sanjay Acharya – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org