Floral Memory

Photo by Roman.

I could find pretty words to match this, one of the last of 2020’s blossoms, but the title is about as sentimental as I can get today, and that only if I stop right there.

What do they say about April being the cruellest month? Disappointed expectations will do that to you every time, you betcha. By the time December rolls around, one might hope for realism… Whatever that may be.

So accept this floral tribute to whatever this year has been for you. It’s more than the year is worth? Shut up and take the bloody flower.

Algae Shore

Photo / Graphic by Roman.

It was a film photo, digitized. The thumbnail was interesting, but any larger than that… let’s just say that composition was nearly its only virtue. This is my attempt at taking advantage of that. And yeah, most of the green was algae. We have a tremendous asset in the form of Lake Michigan, but it also has the potential to become a huge backyard dead zone, lacking in oxygen and poisonous by toxins. This was from the summer of 2006. Voilà.

“No Blue Without Yellow”

This marvellous item from Maciek Janicki:

“The film opens luring closer and closer to discover the possibility of stepping inside a fantastical sphere. The observer is slowly drifting into Van Gogh’s world, carried by the rhythm of a waltz. Van Gogh’s memories are sculpted within his paint strokes. His memories are alive within the film, but just for a fleeting moment. The fantasy lasts simply two minutes, but within that short time the observer is immersed in a painters lifetime.”