Teeter See Totter Saw

Caleb Wood’s Vimeo Channel has some very odd animations, including this piece. In its transformations, it reminds me a bit of a 1970s animation, Street Musique. And if “Teeter See Totter Saw” is odd, I don’t think the term “psychedelic” quite applies. It has more of a delirious quality to it, something that evokes the disordered thinking and perception that comes with a fever. Have you had your flu shot yet? No? Well this might make perfect sense when the flu comes to you. Full screen recommended.

The video is actually a collaboration between two animators: Derick Wycherly and Caleb Wood: “One animator draws a frame, the other animator draws the next. Without a plan, the film forms itself as the two animators suggest a new direction with each frame.”

Leone Beach Park Rocks!

I mean that precisely.

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Photos by Roman.

There were actually four rock… sculptures? arrangements?… on the beach right before Thanksgiving. The largest was built around a flotsam cable reel partially embedded in the sand. The location is obviously precarious so there’s no telling if it is there today.

I don’t know who constructed them. If anyone happening by knows, please share.

The Tale of Hillbelly

From Encyclopedia Pictura, a video in which…

… you are what you eat?

Incidentally, you should be aware (if you are not already) that “hillbilly” for many Scots-Irish is about as offensive, when said by anyone, as the deeply forbidden when used by white folks “n” word.

I don’t have much respect for linguistic prohibitions except that I prefer to be polite, generally, except for reason. In this case, the video plays with stereotypes as well as with your head. Good enough, imho. See if you agree.