Continuing with yesterday’s theme of intoxication, consider NERDO’s interpretation of the poem by Charles Bukowski.

The voice over is performed by David Wayne Callahan.

Here’s a glass for the late Bill Pelz.

High Rider

Back when I worked at a wallpaper warehouse, I often went to work like this, which is to say thoroughly stoned, though not on a skateboard but on foot then a CTA train. And yes, it was sometimes just about as weird… The commute was major entertainment.

Full screen and headphones recommended.

This was written and directed by Bradley Tangonan with cinematography by Jeremy Snell. Their respective Vimeo channels have a great many videos in common, many of them music videos or commercials, but not all.

In case you wondered, no boss ever threatened to fire me at the warehouse. Even mazed and confused by weed, I was more precise and productive than the alcohol junkies and other various refugees from life that I worked with. Arguably, this was not a terribly high standard to live up to, and even management was pretty… out there.

Places in Time — Chicago

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m a sucker for timelapse video. Judging by his Vimeo channel, so is Chris Pritchard. This is a bit less touristy than the last Chicago timelapse video that I shared. Check out this one.

This can’t be a trivial task to plan and assemble with music. Parts of this video I like very much, other parts not so much. This is how Chris Pritchard describes it:

All footage for this piece was shot between 2010 and now [2012?]. My goal was to provide a glimpse into the energy and fast paced life of an average day in downtown Chicago, enhanced through fast motion timelapse. Some of the viewpoints and locations may seem familiar, but I’ve also tried to showcase the city from a number of different and less common vantage points.