“It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it!”

a face looms…

Photo by Roman.

An old toy re-discovered! While shredding old financials, I ran across an item I had forgotten, an optical filter of some kind. I think it was intended for stage lighting, but you can take photos through it as well. This photo is of another old favorite of mine, sunlight through glass bricks.

Here’s another photo of the same view with the same filter:

Photo by Roman. I’m still thinking of a title for this one.

The title is, of course, another of the more over-worked lines from the original Star Trek, notable for its lack of expressed hierarchy (“Jim” instead of “Captain” or “Sir”) though one wonders if anyone wearing a red shirt would have been allowed such liberty by the script-writers, even back then. Democracy, apparently, only for the ruling class of officers?

And why that line for the title? Well, its prominence depending on the resolution used to view it, there is a face-like feature in the photo. Would life unlike anything we know have a face? Any road, I imagined “Bones” (another howler of a cliché) whipping out his tricorder to make sense of what he was seeing and whispering, with appropriate awe, these immortal words…