Workin’ Dog

working dogs of the world, unite!


I don’t like music videos. I don’t like dogs. I do like Rich Hall.

This song was written as a part of one of Hall’s BBC 4 documentaries about the United States… Nashville, I think it was about. You can find at least 3 YouTube video’s based on this song. I think this is the best of the ones I’ve seen.


but someone believes in doG

The real scandal is not when people treat their pets as if they were their children but when they treat their children as if they were pets. Happens all the time.

The Soup

but some of my best friends are dogs

I don’t like dogs, really. Oh… it’s true: There’s no happy like a happy dog and I’ve known individual dogs with whom I became great friends. But as a species… not so much.

But really, what better way to celebrate the Year of the Dog?

How much is that doggie on the menu?