See C’s Ride… errr…

Apparently everyone is invited to contribute to the decoration….

Photos by Roman.

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Farewell, Betelgeuse

More from under the Estes Avenue CTA overpass. Photo by Roman.

Everything about the star Betelgeuse is huge. Big stars have short lives as stars, and Betelgeuse will end (Real Soon Now by cosmic standards) as a Type II supernova, collapsing into a neutron star, possibly a pulsar, or a black hole. The explosion should be brighter than the full moon here on Earth but probably not all that hazardous to life here. The aftermath to the explosion may or may not cause some difficulties. In any case, Betelgeuse is currently fusing helium into carbon and oxygen, a stage that current models indicate lasts for around a million years, so it’s not clear if our species or our descendant species will be around to even be spectators. On the other hand, if you happen to see a news item indicating that it’s fusing carbon, humans might (with some optimism) be around to see it. If the latest news indicates its core is fusing neon then it’s time to start paying attention.

Back in seventh grade, I did a 10 minute science class presentation on supernovas, ripped right out of Fred Hoyle’s Frontiers of Astronomy. It’s an experience that I probably would not remember today but that it really pissed off a few of my classmates.