Congress Plaza Hotel Strike

I’m a retired geezer firmly ensconced in Chicago, Illinois, a proud resident of the Peoples’ Republic of Rogers Park since 1979.

It’s been very much a surprise to me, but I’ve spent most of my life as a political activist and a large part of that time as a member of the precariat, mixing part time employment and work as an “independent contractor”.

So what is this site about? As always, I’m making it up as I go along.

Post Script: Like most blogs, the face of this blog is the present. That’s all most visitors will see. If you are inclined to explore further, there are two shortcuts to simply scrolling down into the past. One is the menu. The menu selections are fairly generic, but they do narrow the content considerably. The other is the tags. I’ve used the tags as a sort of index to the site. Most of the tags will narrow content by a lot. Unfortunately, this particular WordPress “theme” does not allow you to use both the menu and the tags. For the search engine hip, you can tell Google to search just Yip Abides for a word or phrase using the site command (e.g., site:yipabides.wordpress.com).


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