by Ann Roman


This is a water color done by my mother. In some ways, it is a bit crude, but there is also a sense of depth, at least in the original.

Milkweed, water color by Ann Roman.


by Ann Roman

In her later years — about the time I left for college as I was an accidentally late child — my mother took up painting. She started with paint-by-numbers kits, but eventually went on to copy scenes from magazines. This is one of her works, done in acrylic.

Landscape by Ann Roman.

Long Term Delivery

“A short comedy about a secret division of the United States Postal Service.”

National Letter Carrier Day isn’t until February 4, and this is just too¬† bizarre to keep until then. Hats-off to letter carriers everywhere, who generally do an amazing job, except on those occasions when they do not.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what to say about this delicious bit of video. Maybe mumble something about how we try to find meaning in life and how mutable that meaning is — or is not.