Odd Ball and Ad Hoc

pigeon tracks
pigeon tracks. Photo by Roman
rebar prison
rebar prison. Photo by Roman
dangling participial. Photo by Roman



Artists of the Wall 2018

For about a quarter century each June, a block-long concrete retaining wall / bench in Chicago’s Loyola Park has been the canvass for a festival of Rogers Park muralists: the annual Artists of the Wall festival. Each year the previous year’s work is removed, the wall subdivided, and the artists go at it.

The general quality of this year’s work was not as good as 2017, but there was still a lot of worthwhile detail. Here are some I’d like to share. Click on an image to enlarge it:

All the photos by Roman.

What the Fur

Shades of Vonnegut’s “Sirens of Titan.” Humanity is good for spare parts.

I dunno… This seems a pretty typical visit to a small planet, but if you don’t have the interstellar version of AAA:

A school project, it sez. Or it could be product placement. Or it could be a commercial. How short does a work need to be for the difference to blur? Whatever. What I most like is the way movie tropes from across several decades are appropriated. Flash Gordon through to today.