“LSD a go go”

On one level, this video from Scott Calonico’s Vimeo Channel allows a “drug education” documentary to self-parody to the point of uncontrollable hilarity, but then, by adding stories of the CIA’s involvement with LSD, makes sure that all the laughter has a distinctly uneasy edge:

And, yes, there is more of the above where it came from.

The Mundane

Maybe this short item from Muviot benefits from having a good deal of meaning stripped away from me by not being in English. Korean, maybe, though it could be something totally alien. Anyway, I kept watching: “What next?” But it’s mundane. Just the sort of stuff that gets omitted from histories or included only as hand-waving generalizations. I suspect the mundane has a much larger influence on history than historians are comfortable admitting. Who knows? Maybe Sassi goes on to save the world.

“Into the Cave of Wonders”

These are located in Arcena, Spain:

“No, you do not understand,” said Gimli. “No dwarf could be unmoved by such loveliness. None of Durin’s race would mine those caves for stones or ore, not if diamonds and gold could be got there. Do you cut down groves of blossoming trees in the springtime for firewood? We would tend these glades of flowering stone, not quarry them. With cautious skill, tap by tap – a small chip of rock and no more, perhaps, in a whole anxious day – so we could work, and as the years went by, we should open up new ways, and display far chambers that are still dark, glimpsed only as a void beyond fissures in the rock. And lights, Legolas! We should make lights, such lamps as once shone in Khazad-dûm; and when we wished we would drive away the night that has lain there since the hills were made; and when we desired rest, we would let the night return.”

The Two Towers, J.R.R. Tolkien