What shall we say of the decline of coal? Well… it’s not just miners who become unemployed. What about goblins?

If you dug that, you can find more at Dusan Kastelic’s Vimeo channel. In particular, check out his video “The Box,” especially nice for those with libertarian or anarchist inclinations. (Actually, I’m not much impressed with the implied politics of “Perk” either, but it’s nicely done and funny, too.)


Bless You

We’ve all been there:

Back when I was but a lobster, it was said that I had wicked hay fever. There was never a pollen grain or animal dander that I would tolerate. So during these warm and fecund months, my mother fed me a constant diet of anti-histamines. As these all had a mildly soporific side effect, it has occurred to me to wonder if she merely meant to keep me sedated.

If you like this video, check out Seoro Oh’s Vimeo channel; there’s some great stuff on it. The anxieties and embarrassments of childhood seem to be something of a theme there.

I can relate.

I think.

I don’t remember.


Here’s the latest video from cyriak:

Aside from cyriak’s trade mark surrealism, the informational film short that cyriak used as raw material is what caught my attention. It’s basically a “how to be a pedestrian in the automobile age” educational film, this one done by a Richard Massingham, apparently in the 1940s. I would have dated it earlier as, here in the States at least, the first three decades of the 20th Century were something like open season on pedestrians. The streets, after all, belong to everyone. It’s an attitude that works well enough with horses, but when you add trolleys and autos, it’s something of a disaster. Initially, the laws were directed more at those newfangled contraptions, but if you ever wondered why “jay-walking” became a crime, well…