A Botanic Afternoon

On Thursday, October 18, I made my annual Fall pilgrimage to the Chicago Botanic Garden. Admission is free to pedestrians and it’s easily accessible by public transit via PACE’s Route 213. It was a fine Fall afternoon:

Photo by Roman.
Cypress in color. Photo by Roman.
Photo by Roman.
In fruit. Photo by Roman
Photo by Roman.
Reach for the sky. Photo by Roman.
Faerie Avenue. Photo by Roman.
Silver Trees. Photo by Roman.
Photo by Roman.
Treebeard asleep. Photo by Roman.
Grasses. Photo by Roman.
Photo by Roman.
Photo by Roman
Photo by Roman
Old Man Willow. Photo by Roman.
Photo by Roman.
Goldberry is waiting. Photo by Roman.


Water and Light:

images from Chicago, Evanston, Cook County, and South Jacksonville.

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Carpets of the Sun



Grasses, sedges and assorted weeds in all their glory. The prairie also turns color in the fall. Click an image to enlarge.

The photos were taken at Loyola Park, the lagoon on the Northwestern University campus, the Chicago Botanic Garden, and perhaps elsewhere, at various seasons over a couple of decades. On a few of the images, I also did a little experimentation with filters in GIMP Image Editor.

This post was inspired by the British rock group Renaissance:

2017 Chicago Botanic Garden

A long walk in the garden….

It’s been a relatively drab fall in Chicago and the weather was chill and overcast, but it was still worth taking the time to walk through the Chicago Botanic Garden. Rather more photos of water than foliage this year.

Most folks don’t realize that the Garden is accessible via public transit: PACE’s Route 213, Greenbay Road, that can be picked up a its southern terminus, the Davis Street CTA station in Evanston. Only every other run directly serves the Garden, but the alternate run will drop you off at Lake-Cook Road & Greenbay Road. This is a short walk to the Garden pedestrian gate. Added benefit: no admission charge for pedestrians.

The Garden is also served by bike paths.

photo by Roman
reflection at Chicago Botanic Garden
photo by Roman
prairie at Chicago Botanic Garden
photo by Roman
willow at Chicago Botanic Garden
photo by Roman
tree at Chicago Botanic Garden
photo by Roman
Chicago Botanic Garden
photo by Roman
water at Chicago Botanic Garden
photo by Roman
reflections at Chicago Botanic Garden
photo by Roman
Chicago Botanic Garden
photo by Roman