Rock & Roll

I found this to be an apt commentary on the state of Rock & Roll today, a sort of This Is Spinal Tap in less than a minute. If you dig it, there’s a lot more at the Cool 3D World Vimeo channel: sly, surreal, grotesque, and oddly humorous.


Tom Jones?

I repeat: I hate music videos. I also don’t like Tom Jones. And this particular tune is a good example of a kind of pseudo-hippie mindless polyester blatherskite music: The sort of stuff popular during the late 60s — early 70s designed to make the middle class feel good about themselves in an evil world. But…

… even  so … nevertheless … despite that … and yet … surprisingly … who would have thought …

I found it utterly charming.

Did you notice how heavily this video borrows (especially toward the end) from the opening sequence in The Triplets of Belleville? And while I’m allergic to this tune and to Tom Jones, there are some artists (such as Al Kooper) who could maybe bring a needed je ne sais quoi to the interpretation. (Not even Kooper was always successful at that.)

Maybe that’s why I like it.

The video is by Del, a Brazilian firm that also does a good deal of commercial work.

One Breath Around The World

Maybe you dream of flying. Maybe you dream of effortlessly skipping across the landscape in great soaring bounds. Or maybe, like Guillaume Néry, you swim: In this case, around the world beneath the waves following a path drawn by M.C. Escher. Set the video to full screen, put on your headphones and begin a dozen minutes of dreamscape.

Les films engloutis are the same folks who did Julie Gautier’s brilliant “AMA”. You can find “AMA” on their Vimeo channel or you can find it HERE. Great stuff.

The Triplets of Belleville

I have mixed feelings about movie trailers. With DVDs, I usually watch them without the sound. It’s better that way, usually. And music videos… need I repeat that I don’t like ’em?

That said, I was visiting Roy Edroso’s blog recently, part of my weekly list of reading. If the name sounds familiar, Edroso was a columnist for the late Village Voice where he covered and made fun of the conservative commentariat. He still does that on his blog and he has a newsletter you can subscribe to… which I would do if Social Security paid more than the rent… but what I was getting at is: His post for Friday, April 26, had embedded music from one of my favorite films, Sylvian Chomet’s The Triplets of Belleville.

When it was first released in 2003, something resembling the following clip was used as a trailer.

I was instantly hooked and actually went to see it at an actual movie theatre. However, some folks could easily freak out over this particular presentation, so SONY is using this as the official promo:

Unlike most movie trailers, you’re not likely to learn just what the movie is all about from either of these. But you will get a taste and, yes, the movie has a sweet, sentimental and totally bizarre story to tell.

It was also released on DVD and you may be able to find it in that format — I’ve not checked — but it is available online from Amazon Prime Video, Vudu or iTunes.

See it.

Future Echo

The Director, Julian Hand, provides some post-apocalypse narrative to explain what this all means, but I say: nonsense! This is just very nice drug paraphernalia, straight outa one of the Merry Pranksters’ acid tests… except instead of being from in San Francisco back in the 1960s, this is 2010 or so from the U.K.

Inhale deeply and hold it in!

Heads up: a whole bunch a strobing goin’ on.