Love & Theft

Somehow this short by Andreas Hykade from Studio Filmbilder comes close to characterizing what I hope to accomplish with this blog:

or maybe I’m full of beans… Full screen and headphones recommended. Also: lots of cartoon references, some that I recognize and others that I also identify.


The Elephant’s Garden

I’m not sure who I’m reminded of by Felix Colgrave’s work, but I do like this piece. Use altered states with caution here; the elephant’s garden seems like a place you’d best be situationally aware.

Keep in mind, folks, that we are, all of us, somebody’s meal. Being a member of a top-of-the-foodchain species is no exemption. Be sure to be grateful when you eat.

Alegria (Euphoria)


Director Kati Egeley has a long explanation regarding what this video is about, beginning with “The subject of my work is the old paradox between man and nature.” And going on from there. But, quite frankly, I don’t think the explanation really adds anything to the experience of the music and animation. Full screen and headphones would be good:

The Battle of Blair Mountain

2018 is the 97th anniversary of a major revolt, right here in the U.S.A. Never heard of it? Put on your headphones and turn it up to 11:

There’s actually quite a bit of information available on the web about this revolt, and it has even made its way into popular entertainment. For more information, I’d suggest starting with:

As I said, there’s a lot out there. Search YouTube in particular if you’re interested.


2018 Glenwood Arts Festival

This takes place each year in mid-August up in Rogers Park. This year the dates were August 18 and 19. It includes the usual: food, beer, music, arts, crafts, and organizations. This year the organizations were notable for including political candidates, a medical marijuana dispensary (no free samples, alas), and real estate (the real power behind thrones in U.S. cities). Neither food nor music were particularly notable. While I was there on Saturday, it was mostly cover bands and the sound crews had the volume up enough that it was wise to sit to the side of the stage.

The Morse Avenue stage. On stage was a good cover band. Note that folks sat far back from the stage. Photo by Roman.
This was the Glenwood Avenue north stage. At the time, students from a “School of Rock” were performing. Photo by Roman.

Yes, there was a Glenwood Avenue south stage. The two times I visited, there was either nothing going on there or a DJ. If you don’t dance, a DJ is effective nothing going on.

The rock students all seemed to be competent musicians and several played more than one instrument. They played mostly geezer rock, and they rotated players during the set. They were not up to owning the material they played, and only two or three of the students were actually performers. One young lady had a pretty fair level of charisma.

The photos below are some of the School of Rock students on the north stage.

North stage, School of Rock. Photo by Roman.
The young lady in the middle had the most charisma as a performer: a pleasure to watch. Photo by Roman.
School of Rock students. Photo by Roman.
School of Rock students. Photo by Roman.