Christmas Is Coming?

If you’re not familiar with puppeteer Barnaby Dixon, this is an excellent introduction:


Face Like a Frog

For those as are hip re: animation, Sally Cruikshank is classic. I’m not hip. I’ve just discovered her. This 1987 short has music by Danny Elfman (!). Apparently there are copyright issues between the two of them (go to the YouTube page for the story) so this may be a very temporary post as the guard dogs are afoot. If the video stops working, click the YouTube link above. I really like this work. That shouldn’t be surprising as I also like Fritz the Cat.

Fish Heads

Eat them up! Yum!

The “Fish Heads” video is a comedic surreal short by the group Barnes & Barnes, made famous by the Dr. Demento Show. Surreal is not for everyone and the original video was comedic mostly to those who laugh at absurdity… any and all absurdity.

The video is essentially a music video. Honestly, I don’t much like it, even allowing for the fact I don’t like music videos to begin with. The song, though, seems to have an irresistible hold on me, an unshakable ear worm that lurks like a sub-clinical infestation all my days. But when it echoes between my ears, I don’t see Barnes & Barnes fooling around with seafood but a chorus of cats circling my feet. Or my head. Singing “Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads…”

I prefer cats.

Even so, I regret the existence of this video. And if you dare, so will you.

The Elephant’s Garden

I’m not sure who I’m reminded of by Felix Colgrave’s work, but I do like this piece. Use altered states with caution here; the elephant’s garden seems like a place you’d best be situationally aware.

Keep in mind, folks, that we are, all of us, somebody’s meal. Being a member of a top-of-the-foodchain species is no exemption. Be sure to be grateful when you eat.