The Mother Ship Arrives

Photo by Roman.

Is that a cheap trick? It may not be precisely the same image that I posted several weeks ago but here again is a gas burner gussied-up as something far more dramatic and fanciful.

To be fair, sometimes doing this can be fun. Label a what-am-i-looking-at and the suggestion pops to the top amid a cloud of alternate possibilities, almost like a chord.

Did this do that for you? Well, whatever turns you on… I do like the image, as mundane as it may be. But twice may be too much and aliens too obvious.

Whatever. My alternate idea, discussing my humble opinion on the future prospects for human space travel, would have been seriously depressing.

Though maybe as fanciful.

People say we’ll muddle through but in truth we muddle ’till we’re through.

Shadow & Texture

Photo / graphic by Roman.

Another shadowscape from my apartment wall.

This reminds me very much of the stucco ceiling of an apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after having consumed a mushroom and some blotter. It was a texture that I became lost in for what may have been days except it was not much more than half an hour when it came to pass that it was time to leave for the 4th of July fireworks…

I try but sometimes I’m just lucky.