Carnival of Aliens

a mongrel of fleas or invader from mars

Photo / Graphic by Roman.

3/30 — Where does a story begin? That depends on what story you intend to tell.

4/22 — I’ve been singing my death song all the live-long day.

(This is not what I meant to write when I sat down, pencil in hand, only to be confronted by a cannabis-induced* blank spot that removed the slightest trace of the original…

(Instead, I am beset by questions asking half empty / half full or questions for which “Yes” is truthful, correct yet contradictory or those where “No” does the same.

(What we learn from philosophy is that we learn nothing from philosophy.

(Oh, we are a voluble lot, those that gather here. The thoughts tumble one or another then sometimes one and another but sometimes call and response. It is sometimes dissonant but sometimes harmonic…

(Harmony? Yes, when sometimes we agree.)

It is, in sum, a carnival of aliens.


* Or maybe just a senior moment. After all, where does the story begin?

Imprisoning Shadows

Photo / graphic by Roman.

In the movie Casablanca, I have heard that barred shadows are used to enhance the feeling of imprisonment and the drama for freedom. There’s nothing so dramatic about the shadows above… or maybe just a hint of imprisonment, enough to raise the questions: what are we keeping out or what are we keeping in? And does the wood grain subvert it? And why am I even wondering about this?