Send in the Clowns

By now most of you will have seen or heard or read about this zinger from President Trump:

“So, I’m going to ask Bill a question that probably some of you are thinking of if you’re totally into that world, which I find to be very interesting. So, supposing when we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it. And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting. And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful.”

Now, as an exercise, I want you to forget about the corona virus. Pretend it doesn’t exist. And most especially, forget about President Trump. Pretend he never happened; pretend this statement was from… anyone. Now reread the quote.

It’s very nearly an artful work of genius. Very nearly only. I still prefer the word salads of William S. Burroughs. Not to mention that Burroughs was never President of the United States, merely another privileged scion of wealth. On the other hand, Mr. Trump has yet to shoot anyone on the streets of New York while Mr. Burroughs shot his wife in Mexico. Yes, he got away with it.

It’s funny how surreal life can be. It reminds me of another example from politics, this from the 1990s:

Jim Edgar Campaign
This actually made it into print. How far did you read before realizing it’s scrambled? An excellent illustration of formula journalism.

It may be that the surreal is as common as irony in life, and irony is the dandelion of life.

This post was inspired by Roy Edroso’s blog.


I’m guessing this is by “Bad History” which is Andrei Brovcenco. Or maybe this is bad history about Putin. I dunno. It’s kinda cute, and yes, Trump makes an appearance. How could he not?

This was done by a Romanian studio, FrameBreed. They mostly do commercials, some music videos and special order special effects for films. Most of their work doesn’t seem very interesting to me, but you can find their Vimeo channel HERE.

Mickey Was Here

After “Kilroy was here,” I would guess. Maybe Mickey is not the universal veteran, but for a great many, the war goes on. Here’s a little something apropos Trump’s latest shenanigan involving Iran:

Check out Ethereal Snake’s YouTube channel. “Mickey was here” was the first posted, about a year ago: Some strange and great content has been posted since.

Lord Tahpot’s Comedy Minute

It’s nice enough that Senator Mitt Romney has developed doubts about President Trump after having gone begging for a job in the Administration just after the election. But it brought to mind his comment, when running against President Obama, that 47% of us are freeloaders who’d vote for Obama because we dig the goodies.

All this came to mind when I viewed Jonathan Seligson’s “Lord Tahpot’s Comedy Minute”:

Music by Danny Elfman!

Actually, I like nearly all the stuff Seligson has posted on his Vimeo channel, especially Taboo 96 and Nueva Vida.

Listen Up!

I wish I could claim credit for the graphic, but its origin seems to be a post on one or another “community.” I got it from author John Scalzi’s Twitter feed. (No, I’m not on Twitter, but I sometimes watch from a distance.)

With some exceptions, trolling is just rude and offensive behavior. I usually try to be polite. This graphic was just too cute for me to resist. As a lefty, I’ve heard “love it or leave it” too many times to not contemplate possible answers to a jibe that really doesn’t merit a reply, seeing as the jibe is from a closed, cramped and hateful mind. And of course, Our Dear President recently used this line of “argument.”

But I say to the “love it or leave it” crowd: No… don’t leave; America wouldn’t be the same without you. Not unless you really want to. In which case, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Roland B. Hedley Jr is Doonesbury‘s intrepid reporter, famous for seeking Reagan’s brain but now working for something resembling Fox News.