In the Winter Garden

The Winter Garden at the top of the Harold Washington Library in Chicago isn’t quite the tourist trap that it should be, but like all tourist sites, the thought of photographing it with anything resembling originality is… daunting. But I like these shots, regardless of how many times others may have done something very similar.

I’m not sure what use was originally intended for the Winter Garden space. For a while, the space was occupied by a restaurant. As I recall, it was a buffet style operation, and I suspect the food was prepared off-site. That enterprise didn’t last too long. Since then, it has mostly served as an open study area, and it is available for special event rentals. I recall looking into it for an event that I was planning, but the cost was outside the available budget.

Not a real tree but plastic, alas. Photo by Roman.
Crank up the ion drive, pilot; next stop is Mars! Whatever imagination might make of it, it is only a light fixture. Photo by Roman
For all the glass, I don’t recall that there’s been a hail storm that’s cracked it… yet. Photo by Roman.
The 10th floor administrative offices surround the Winter Garden as if the Garden were a plaza. Photo by Roman

Etch A Sketch

Some months ago, The New Yorker (I think) posted a cartoon that was entitled something like: Etch A Sketch gallery wiped out by earthquake. Fast forward to February, 2019, and I encountered an exhibition of Etch A Sketch artwork by “Princess Etch” (Jane Labowitch) at the Harold Washington Library, 400 S. State in Chicago. It’s up on the 8th floor and it runs through March 2, 2019. It’s pretty cool… amazing, actually. Here’s a sample: