The Past Is Only a Probability…


…and becomes less and less likely the further away it is. History will dissolve us.

Photo by Roman.

CTA viaduct, Greenview and Sherwin, Chicago, September, 2022.

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Author: rmichaelroman

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2 thoughts on “The Past Is Only a Probability…”

    1. I don’t know. It isn’t a conscious quote. I had in mind some of the conversations about what quantum mechanics “really” means, and how the laws of physics don’t care about which way the “arrow of time” is pointing, and how the future and the past therefore have a remarkable resemblance… about which I know too little to expound upon or take sides on… but nonetheless I went ahead and applied it to a decaying mural. Can you hear the thin ice creaking as you read this?

      But thank you anyway, Frank. As a good line, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn someone else had said that or something similar.


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