Artists of the Wall, Year 2009


The “Artists of the Wall” is an annual event held in Chicago’s Loyola Park, usually in June, whereat members of the Rogers Park community decorate a 600 foot concrete retaining wall / park bench. While I’ve missed about half the years of this century so far, I’ve habitually taken photos of the work I like. The gallery below contains the photos that I like from the year 2009.

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If you want to see other images from other Artists of the Wall years, click on the AotW tag.

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  1. The only time it’s not worth a visit would be in the week or so before the annual event when the Park District, one way or another, blanks the canvass. Most of the wall faces eastward, if you want to consider lighting. Some times it takes a few weeks after the formal event for the panels to be completed. Any road, there’s more information to be found at


    1. Maybe it’s my mood today, but these seem like a great batch. The “Fearful Dreamers” text and the fishing one were particularly choice. Is it likely that the “Fearful Dreamers” was painted as a reaction/summary to the other pictures?


      1. I do not know… The custom has been to have a theme or themes that the participants can address… My default assumption has been that “Fearful Dreamers” was that year’s theme, though in fact I do not know . So in that sense it most certainly would have been a summary. But I like that photo because of the leafy shadows that add to an atmosphere of foreboding, of noir. But the photos only show a few of the entries. Generally, there are more than a hundred, far more than I would document using a film camera back then.

        These were the last of my film photos and 2009 somehow seems interstellar distant. It was indeed a good year for the Artists of the Wall…

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