April is National Poetry Month, and for the occasion Frank Hudson’s Parlando Project has been producing a series of “Lyric Videos” based on audio recordings of the poems done previously. The month is not even half over, but (so far) Hudson’s performance of “Zeppelins” by F.S. Flint is my favorite, though “Dunbar” is not far behind.

And of course, the poem is also so very appropriate to what is once again happening in Europe these days, not to mention elsewhere in the world none of which I’m not going to mention as I’m sure to shamefully leave somewhere or two off the list…

The term “lyric video” is also new to me though the practice is… not new. As a concept, though, it wraps up and gathers together poetry as oral interpretation and poetry as literature. As a bonus, one can throw in ancillary aspects like music, musicality, concrete poetry just to name-drop a few. Is pretty cool concept, methinks.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it, though I didn’t see it until now as most of my available time was taken up on that massive April Poetry Month thing. I particularly thought of you while doing the Fenton Johnson “Tired” video as I was trying to find as many decent quality Chicago pictures from the poem’s era as I could. I don’t know anything about Fenton Johnson’s politics, but while doing the video I realized how central the theme of alienation from one’s own labor is central to it.

    It was interesting to work in video (even with still images) in such a concentrated dosage. I considered it mostly an exercise, consciously trying to use any feature in the software that I saw to “see what that does and how might I use it.”


    1. You’re quite welcome. I think these lyric videos are an exciting evolution to your Parlando Project, so if you think I could be of assistance, do feel free to ask, the easiest way being to post a comment on Yip Abides which, since I manually approve them, need not actually appear here. My WordPress profile also has my email address, but I think that only shows up through WordPress’ comment management screen (user info).

      Be well and keep up the good work.

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