Gone Dog Ideas


Two interesting dog ideas that have come and gone in Chicago’s Loyola Park.

This first (above and below) was from 2009, before the tax on plastic bags: a station in the park filled with plastic grocery bags for dog-walkers to use for picking up the doggy-do. Lacking a dog, I had an abundance of plastic but somehow never got around to making a contribution. On the other hand, I have yet to leave a deposit on the lawn…

Bags for dogs. Photo by Roman.

The second idea manifested in the final months of 2021: a stick-lending store for dogs. It was ultimately chased out of the park by a pack of frantic dogs: a sort of canine Black Friday shopping riot.

Stick lending library for dogs. Photo by Roman.

(Wait a minute. You’re taking me seriously? Seriously? I don’t know what happened. My choice for most likely is that the Park District removed it as they generally do. But maybe not. Maybe it was chased out of the park by a pack of joyfully enthusiastic mutts, each yelping it’s hunting cry of “Sticks! Sticks! Sticks!” Which would you prefer?)

[Post Script Spring, 2022: It’s back. Or maybe it never was really away…]

Stick Lending Library for Dogs in Loyola Park. Photo by Roman.

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