If I were to say the Child’s day began well enough but then everything just fell apart, further complicated by serious Mother — Daughter issues… Well! The video wouldn’t sound like much fun. But this short video from Dominica Harrison has some amazing, demented animation. The screen full of awards is absolutely no surprise. Judge for yourself:

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4 thoughts on ““Chado””

    1. I expect it was meant to mean “child” as that would make sense as a title, but more to the point, according to Dominica Harrison’s web site (http://www.nicaharrison.com/) : “Dominica was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and now lives and works in London, England. In 2016 she graduated with a First Class Hons BA Animation from the Edinburgh College of Art. Her graduation film Illusions was made entirely using a screenprint technique and had worldwide success at festivals and art exhibitions. It won the NEO Print Prize Award 2016 and was selected the RTS Scotland Student Award shortlist.”

      I love her animation work in this video, the story-telling not so much though I also think it’s easy to make too much of a distinction between the two.

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      1. Oh, then it makes sense! I would never figure out from her name that she could be from Russia, but then – look who’s talking 🙂

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      2. The ending was certainly enigmatic, and I’m not sure how much of that intended or subject to my own audience limitations. That’s a difficult balance, isn’t it — to get to right wonder? Too little and we make take way on the “solution” to the puzzle. Too much and we may be left with a shrug and unsure of our relationship to the piece.

        Anyway, thanks for bringing this one into my attention!


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