In the Time of Feeling Fragile


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I became ill several days ago. Oh no… I’ll not burden you with a mantra chant of symptoms: coincidental or otherwise, imaginary or all too real, amusing or gross.

So what is wrong and what of it?

How can I tell you? I mean… I do not know. Could be one thing. Could be another. Could be several things. A label would be idle speculation.

And so what of it…

Simply that it slowed me down… Yet that only made a small difference in what I’ve accomplished. No, this is not a triumph. Rather it is that I was already moving that slow.


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4 thoughts on “In the Time of Feeling Fragile”

    1. Thank you for that, Hettie. There are many ways for humans to age and slowing down is certainly among them. And in those cases, it had better be okay as an extra bump of espresso isn’t going to change much about it. Uncertain what more to say about it, perhaps I’ll go back to bed… Perhaps a hot bath first…


      1. Hope you feel better soon. I certainly have less energy as an older person that I had even 4-5 years ago. Kinda frustrating when one has an idea, time, and opportunity and then,,,,takes a nap.


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