Going Analog

My System 76 wouldn’t boot in the morning… We had some words about it later. Its excuse was pretty lame: couldn’t find the screen, it said. A likely story. I’ve had it with this digital nonsense. It’s time to go analog! Like this latest piece from Cyriak:

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3 thoughts on “Going Analog”

    1. When a computer does something unexpected, it’s generally a Very Bad Sign that something is wrong, most typically the operator or the hardware or sometimes the software. (I recall one major database engine back in the 1990s released a new version that had some outrageous number of documented bugs; they let the marketing people set the publishing deadlines, I suspect.) So yes, the hardware may need to be replaced. I could afford new, this year, but not so much as time goes on. But if Free Geeks is still in business, a rehabbed second-hand desktop might cost less than $100 or a similar laptop for about as much. We’ll see. I do monthly backups.

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