That Fungus Among Us

keeping Glenwood Avenue weird…


For some reason (I’m not hip but you’re hip to that) there is a steady trickle of folks who’ve been visiting a particular page on this site after having done a search based on “There’s a fungus among us.” So I suppose the title to this page could be regarded as a kind of click bait. But rather than speculating on the origins and meanings of the sentence, here instead is some actual fungus.

Photo by Roman.
Photo by Roman.
Photo by Roman.

See ya later, alligator…

Photos by Roman.

Author: rmichaelroman

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    1. These photos were taken weeks ago on Glenwood east of the CTA tracks ‘twixt Greenleaf and Lunt. Since then, crews have added a low dry brick wall around each tree and added more soil (including wood chips). Friday morning I noticed some very similar fungus growing there, so you may be in luck if you check there soon.

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