Flowers at the Beach


Photos by Roman.

I am loath to confess, but… I really can’t tell you what you are looking at except in the most general way: The Chicago Park District has been planting parts of Loyola Park with “native” plants, mostly as a way of encouraging the formation of dunes. It’s a cheaper way of preventing beach sand from being sent southward or away along with the winds and the wave action of the generally counter-clockwise lake currents. They’ve tried various wave breaks in the past, but dunes anchored by plants that go in for that kind of thing are at least more picturesque and more helpful for those years when the lake level rises. I assume these flowers are one of those favored species as the CPD has had volunteers out planting and weeding. Whatever they are, them flowers sure are purdy:

Photo by Roman.
Photo by Roman.

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  1. these are lovely, but dunes do not really help either… just look at the Indiana Dunes situation…


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