“LSD a go go”

On one level, this video from Scott Calonico’s Vimeo Channel allows a “drug education” documentary to self-parody to the point of uncontrollable hilarity, but then, by adding stories of the CIA’s involvement with LSD, makes sure that all the laughter has a distinctly uneasy edge:

And, yes, there is more of the above where it came from.

Author: rmichaelroman

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2 thoughts on ““LSD a go go””

  1. Now engaging Lt. Columbo mode for this response: OK, the tripping girl is about to eat the hot dog. Important urban cuisine details have been obscured, but there’s screaming. I said to myself: could it be that she’s putting ketchup on a Chicago dog? One beat later, the narration utters the incriminating word: “Ketchup.” Case closed. The tripping girl is obviously a foreign agent, and likely responsible for Olson’s murder.


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