This is an outstanding and thought-provoking piece of work by the New York Times. It deserves to be circulated. Spread it around.

After watching this, I was left uncertain about my reaction to it and what I might want to say about it. So I’ll limit myself to a tangential observation. I’m not a pacifist so I hope I’m not sounding sanctimonious about this, but unless you have some ideological commitment to violent revolution, this is headed in the wrong direction. Whatever else this video is, it is a warning about how violence in politics feeds on itself.

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2 thoughts on “Insurrection”

    1. It is an extremely powerful piece. Now I understand why so many police offices committed suicide after Jan 6. It is also very clear how close to the catastrophe we all were. And once again – I can only imagine what would happen if the rioters were black…


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