Waitin’ on the 147


Whenever you are ready, driver…

(Yes, it is true that the bus route has a schedule and he’s keepin’ to it, as best he can. Furthermore, it’s no use asking him when that departure will be as if you innocently ask “When are we leaving”, he will hear instead the prelude to a hostile “Why aren’t we leaving right now!” And that plastic barrier is so not assault-proof, what with people so irritable these days. Still, if you gotta go, you gotta go.)

Photo by Roman.

Author: rmichaelroman

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5 thoughts on “Waitin’ on the 147”

    1. They are not actually all that bad, Hettie, assuming you have a few extra minutes to spare. But the only way to use the CTA buses efficiently is to use the CTA’s “bus tracker” feature. It provides the information you’d need to make route decisions on the fly. I use it at home, but not having a smart phone, I’m reliant on “smart” kiosks and the kindness of bus drivers when I’m on the street.

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      1. I am getting motion sickness on the buses, if I try to use computer, so it’s lost commute time


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