Flying Tigers

Photo by Roman.

From July of 2018.

My Dad and I flew kites now and then. These were built by my Dad mostly from stuff around the house. On one windy day, we went to the local high school to loft a large box kite. It took all our string and asked for more. We fastened another spool of twine to the end of the first string and played it out. The kite kept going until the new spool was more than half done when — the string broke somewhere aloft. And yes, the kite kept going, going, gone while the remaining string floated to the ground.

Maybe ten minutes later (the string had hardly stopped falling) a helicopter flew low over the roof of the school, headed in the direction of the receding kite. It was probably coincidence, this being before the routine use of doppler weather radar, but my Dad wondered if the kite hadn’t popped up on some air traffic screen prompting a look-see. We’ll never know, not to even mention the question of where the kite ended up.

About a dozen or so years later, the school was levelled by an F5 tornado.

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    1. It was and is. But mostly memory. I’ve only flown a kite once this century. Loyola Park has been a favorite place for kite flying, including contests, and they can be pretty amazing, compared to the kites my Dad and I flew.

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