Door Into…?


This door was part of the Hoffmann Tower and Dam complex in Riverside, Illinois. The Desplaines River had been dammed at that location for commercial power back in the 19th Century. My fuzzy recollection is that the Tower (and the smaller building featuring this door) were part of an amusement park (Niagara Park) established by a brewer in the first years of the 20th Century. The park didn’t quite make it through Prohibition. Apparently getting high was an indispensable part of the amusement and the Tower alone did not suffice. Its other claim to fame was that it was among the earliest reinforced concrete structures in Illinois. I don’t know the function of the Tower or this smaller building. You will note, however, an interior door from the modern aluminium exterior door and the doorbell to the right. My visit there was back in 2006. Since then I understand the dam has been removed. You can find more info at the Library of Congress.

Hoffmann Tower in Riverside, Illinois: an early example of reinforced concrete construction. Photo by Roman.
Hoffmann Dam in Riverside, Illinois, July, 2006. The 3rd or 4th version of the dam, it has since been removed. Photo by Roman.

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    1. [shrug] I don’t rightly recall though a nod toward habitat restoration was probably included. Apparently there were problems with dams at that location from the very beginning, what with the river not exactly pristine even back in the 19th Century. “Niagara Park” indeed.


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