What Rhyme or Reason

is there for a place to park poetry?

Or maybe it’s the daily slog that ambles from home to work, rhythm of sorts with uneven meter and useless rhyme. It must be a kennel for doggerel.

But wait! It promises a quick departure from dreary lines read in flat nasal affect.

Promises, promises. Capitalism always has an exit strategy…

“The Kármán Line”

The Kármán Line is the formal and somewhat arbitrary altitude where outer space begins. This 24 minute drama from Oscar Sharp is a fantasy starring Olivia Colman, an actor whose work is in pretty constant demand in the U.K. The story is not really about the Kármán Line, which is used mostly as a metaphor. The story is a fable and perhaps a bit heavy-handed or wishful-thinking in spots. But the acting is superb, imho, and worth every minute of your time, even if you find yourself taking breaks from it:

For some folks, this fable might be a little too close to home. It took me three tries before I could watch it all the way through. And there’s a lot to unpack; I’m still thinking about it and am not comfortable with some of it…