There’s a Fungus Among Us


Photo by Roman.

“In 1958, an unknown recording artist named Terry Noland foisted upon the American public a new expression: “There’s a fungus among us.” That phrase is most often used in a derogatory sense meaning that something, or someone, is disrupting the status quo. Normalcy is being interrupted by something foreign to our routine, and that something is a fungus upon society.”

— “There’s a New Fungus Among Us” by “Dr. G.”

Ain’t that just so 2020? It could apply to so many things these days. In this case, it’s a tree stump feeding an actual fungus.

I have no idea who “Dr. G.” is, but his paragraph is about the most succinct account of the phrase. For those who know the song, “static in the attic,” on the other hand, is genuine beatnik jive.

After while, crocodile.

Author: rmichaelroman

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