Shamrock Shadows

Photo by Roman.

St. Patrick’s Day never quite happened this year (2020) in Chicago; any green in the Chicago River was come by naturally. Weeks later, the bar looks more than a little forgotten and forlorn. You’ll pardon me, I hope: I did not miss the celebration. St. Patrick’s Day, in Chicago, seems to be an excuse for drinking to excess with the illness and the intoxicated stupidity that alcohol usually entails. Not to worry: You won’t find me glowering in judgement at all the partying masses. Instead, a long hot bath and early bed is my way of marking the day. Top o’ the morning to ye! Right. I’ll speak less loudly, then.

Maybe in 2021, we can all be Irish again for a day. I might even join you for a drink.



or is it a wormhole?

The mouthful in Touhy Park.

Photo by Roman.

Actually, that’s not far off the proper name for this sculpture: “The Receptor“, a sculpture by Tamsie Ringler, installed in 2009.

The park, and the nearby Touhy Avenue, are named for one of the major investors in the Rogers Park Building and Land Company, the enterprise that subdivided and sold the land where the Rogers Park neighborhood is located. In fact, many of the east-west streets in Rogers Park are named after the Company money bags.

Since its installation, the sculpture has sometimes served as a shelter for the homeless.

In places, it has also developed a case of graffiti rash, which can be, after a fashion, rather artistic as well:

Photo by Roman.