Mickey Was Here

After “Kilroy was here,” I would guess. Maybe Mickey is not the universal veteran, but for a great many, the war goes on. Here’s a little something apropos Trump’s latest shenanigan involving Iran:

Check out Ethereal Snake’s YouTube channel. “Mickey was here” was the first posted, about a year ago: Some strange and great content has been posted since.

Ball and ?

Photos by Roman.

Photo by Roman

These are details from a mural decorating the CTA Red Line viaduct over Ashland Avenue in Rogers Park. As it happens, the artist carefully put his web address in modestly large letters, so I can tell you the work was done by Jason Brammer, a Chicago artist. It turns out Brammer is the person who did one of the funnier (IMHO) commercial murals in Chicago of a drunken octopus for the wall of a bar.