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Photo by Steve Owens.

With a good content management system like WordPress, doing a post like this is entirely not necessary. But the opportunity cost of messing around with templates was (temporarily) greater than the work in assembling this (cut and paste, mostly). I hope it’s useful and interesting.

An * indicates one of the top 13 requested posts. (There are only 12 as one was from 2018.)

Photo Wall

Video Wall

  • Street Musique — psychedelic animation from 1972: no CGI, but charming street buskers.
  • Bug Love — introducing Aaron Rodriques, the Bug Whisperer.
  • Nighthawk — animation that’s a bit too real; you’ll never drive again.
  • Going Down in Flames — we can only hope. Matt Farmer sings him out.
  • The World Below — time-lapse photography from the International Space Station.
  • Seaweed Sisters: Water Fountain — the Three Stooges of dance…
  • Rabbit and Deer — Abbott’s “Flatland” revisited as a very sweet animated relationship story.
  • Save Our Trolls — love ’em to death!
  • Max Headroom — the original British pilot… sort of a punk “Dr. Who”.
  • Trickster — Are you afraid of clowns? No? You will be.
  • The Centrifuge Brain Project — Perfect for Chicago’s Navy Pier…
  • The Emperor of Time — the strange and sordid tale of the man who accidentally invented movies.
  • Hinterland — A crow steals a bear’s iPod, which becomes a MacGuffin…
  • Union — about a one-legged man and a three-legged dog.
  • Wrong Path — so you’re tired of civilization, are you?
  • If You Can — a simple question. Saying more would be a spoiler.
  • Ace and the Desert Dog — can’t quite imagine a cat doing this…
  • The Artists — a mockumentary that rings a bit too true…
  • Bone Mother — it’s not nice to mess with Baba Yaga!
  • Revolver — a must see, but it’s not clear why.
  • Progress Bar — dating in the age of “artificial intelligence”.
  • If You Never Answered X — crime in the time of connectivity…
  • Franklin’s Brain — two losers, one meat and one silicon, confront their limitations.
  • Tornados of 2018 — Pecos Hank is one of my favorite storm videographers.
  • Savel — Somnia — a ritual dance to the laundry gods?
  • Out of a Forest — tragedy with a twist, but now you know where they come from.
  • TV Shreddin’ — aliens on skateboards.
  • Umbra — a short animation that is truly the stuff of “Twilight Zone”.
  • Hum — Remember vacuum tubes?
  • Fukushima Revisited — “National Geographic” provides a brief, smiley update eight years after.
  • Bed Wettin’ — a tribute to Ub Iwerks: 1930s style vaudeville animation.
  • The Trial — the trial goes on forever as a sort of drip torture: Kafka Lives!
  • Norilsk, Russia — Russians are batshit crazy… We have a lot in common.
  • Screwface — a look at London inner city culture that is every bit a part of Chicago culture, too.
  • Fishing with Spinoza — an uncle’s toe and the hunt for the great white sunfish.
  • The Echo of Time — don’t ask. Have an apple.
  • Future Echo — very nice drug paraphernalia.
  • A Brief History of Fat — and why I need to lose some; your fat, if any, is yours to own.
  • April Fools — gone full kitty cat.
  • Mars Habitat — Imagineering, with a few comments from me.
  • Mice in Space! — Really: on board the International Space Station. They seem to dig it.
  • Albatross Soup — This is rather like listening to This American Life or Radio Lab while on acid.
  • Until They Berry Me — a bad pun and restorative justice…
  • N’Djekoh — for Mothers’ Day…
  • My Home — for all those single moms out there whose children question their taste in men…
  • Solipsist — I guess… but it’s odd and pretty.
  • One Breath Around the World — Guillaume Nery dreams of swimming.
  • Tom Jones? — Pseudo-hippie mindless polyester blatherskite music, but I was charmed.
  • Sprites — for real…
  • Barnaby Dixon’s Bug Puppet — If you’re not hip to Dixon, this is a fun introduction. Puppet, dance and dog!
  • “For Hemma” — for me, this video had something of a mean girl vibe, but I like the dance.
  • Mask Off Presidents — I’m not wild about skate boarding videos nor about music videos, but…
  • Chroma Galaxies — colors and flows… great drug paraphernalia…
  • King Killian — A children’s tale with a mortal twist.
  • Rock & Roll — “This Is Spinal Tap” in less than a minute. (Hello Mick Jagger.)
  • Moth — Full screen and headphones recommended.
  • Omerta — froggy went a’courtin’ in this mash up of “Chicago”, Damon Runyon, Gene Kelly and more.
  • Plastic — a mannequin hopelessly in love with her shopkeeper… I think the Jefferson Airplane had a song about this.
  • 8 Bits — for proper appreciation, maybe you’d best be hip to gaming culture. I’m not hip, but this was still fun.
  • Thought of You — a sad and beautiful mix of dance, animation, music and lyrics.
  • Ephemere — praxis makes perfect? Evolution as paint on the wall? If at first…
  • Cómo Te Quiero — I hate music videos, but…
  • The Cathedral — I vaguely remember the short story. This video seems a better telling of the tale.
  • Breakfast — cyriak’s surrealism is the breakfast of champions.
  • Bless You — because when you sneeze, you expel your soul… so it’s said.
  • Negative Space — father-son bonding through… luggage.
  • Vorticity 2 — truly amazing storm photography from Mike Olbinski.
  • Singin’ in the Pond — a really nice animated musical number. With frogs. And newts. And true love.
  • Perk — the simple pleasures of an unemployed mine goblin.
  • Anonyme — the semiotics of clothing by an anarchist terrorist. Pretty cool. (The semiotics, that is.) Best viewed in full screen.
  • Server Room — remember Richard Brautigan?
  • Hugh the Hunter — How to describe this without being po-mo? Nah. Just watch it instead.
  • The Absence of Eddy Table — an animated romantic horror story.
  • Lazy Susan — I can relate to this…
  • Martha the Monster — if only it were this easy. Well done, though.
  • Freedom Is a Verb — thanks to Hugh Iglarsh for sharing.*
  • The Sea — an existential love story.
  • Greg — If this ever happens to you in the subway, call the station attendant first.
  • The Stained Club — inclusion, exclusion, identity…
  • Climate Strike 2019 — a brief commercial.
  • Slowly Rising — some animation that old Walt Disney could only have dreamed of. He probably did.
  • Mocean — video of the ocean as “never seen before.”
  • Movie Memories — a video collage of noir and thrillers.
  • The Weight — I mislike music videos, but one can always find exceptions, it seems.
  • Martinese — for eccentricity, they outdo any Brit.
  • Transient — amazing lightning, slo-mo.
  • Strictly Land-line, Myself — “Damn I Love This Friday Night” enriches my appreciation of being a geezer.
  • Playgrounds — suburban childhood at the dawn of the digital age.
  • The Art of the Storm — time-lapse of a stationary supercell… cool…
  • Chichi — “My dog has dreams and tells me about them. I make movies about those dreams.”
  • Gun Shop — making statements about guns without saying anything at all.
  • Lord Tahpot’s Comedy Minute — music by Danny Elfman!
  • Strike as Performance Art — who says picket lines can’t be fun?
  • And Now for an Artistic Interlude — plus some great stop-motion animation.
  • How About Some Nice, Fresh Epistemology? — Are you living in a simulation?
  • Kaiju Bunraku — the first “Mothra” film to make it to Sundance.
  • Maestro — So… you think you know the music of the forest? Just the right dosage of cute, IMHO.
  • Timelapse Tourism — featuring many of the places a tourist in Chicago might go.
  • The Lot — does for grocery stores what the movie “Office Space” did for tech start-ups.
  • Women & Power — Mary Beard gets the 2019 Getty Medal and reflects on the Classics and patriarchy.
  • Aliens — President Trump’s mouthing-off alienates some truly alien illegals, and then…
  • And, We Disappear — Afterlife? Circle of Life? It’s so pretty to think so…
  • The Tale of Hillbelly — … you are what you eat?
  • Sideshow — A story of love, clowns, dance and the Big Top.
  • A Bad Fall — with a twist.
  • Teeter See Totter Saw — alternating animators.
  • Home — and your answer to her question is… ?
  • Fraktaal — fantasy sci-fi without a story.
  • Culture Vulture? — a clever tale of a burglar who becomes what he eats.
  • Places in Time Chicago — timelapse video of downtown Chicago.
  • High Rider — going to work can be an adventure.
  • Beer — as performed by David Wayne Callahan.
  • A Night at the Garden — a bit of history we’d like to forget.
  • Piece of Chicago — a video collage.
  • The Shutdown — growing up next to a petrochemical plant.
  • Shaun Has Some Real Problems! — until he faces them.
  • Why Does Santa Like Rudolph? — get your mind out of the gutter; it’s not that!
  • Real Soon Now… — the latest dose of surrealism from Cyriak.





  • Occupy Me — a sci-fi thriller by Tricia Sullivan with some truly lovely writing.
  • The Boogeyman’s Intern — an engaging comic fantasy and mediation on pop culture by Matt Betts.
  • Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals — I watched it. That doesn’t mean you should, but if you do, I recommend whiskey.
  • Etch A Sketch — through March 2nd at the Harold Washington Library. But if you miss it, sample it here.
  • Outpost — the first book in W. Michael Gear’s “Donovan” series. Very good for what it is.
  • The Triplets of Belleville — A post by Roy Edroso reminded me of this film. You should see it.
  • The Wormwood Trilogy — or two thirds of it, anyway. Good Nigerian science fiction by Tade Thompson.
  • The History of SOUL 2065 — a delightful collection of short stories impersonating a novel.


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