Shaun Has Some Real Problems!

And they are all in his head.

This is a pretty amazing bit of stop motion animation (claymation) combined with live action. (Whoa: what a concept!) It’s also quite the story of someone coming to grips with his own fears, made all the more compelling by an amazing, agonizing grotesqueness. Sam Gainsborough has a few other projects on his Vimeo channel, music videos and commercials mostly, but this is the one that I like. Apparently Vimeo does also.

I suspect that, for some folks, the video may be a bit intense occasionally.

As a story, the video falls into a popular narrative: That by discovering and facing the experiential origin of our fear(s), we can begin to overcome them or, at least, find ways of compensating for them.

Sometimes that’s true. It has happened to me, after all…

But sometimes it is not true. How often? I have no way of knowing. But I do know that people are sometimes fearful or angry or whatever for no other reason than they are just stuck in that mode.

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