Women & Power

Hey, Dude. They’re taking over, women are. You know that, don’t you? No use in making a fuss about it, Dude.  🙂

I’m teasing the conservative wanna-trolls out there, of course.

Classics scholar Mary Beard was awarded the 2019 Getty Medal, and this video was commissioned by the Getty Museum for that occasion. IMHO, it’s an award well deserved.

It caught my attention as the Alt-Right tends to make a big deal over classical Greece and Rome, for good reason as you’ll note if you watch the above video by Matthew Miller.

If you want to further explore the link between the classics and the Alt-Right, I’d recommend Sean Illing’s interview with Donna Zuckerberg at Vox.

There are those out there who feel, with some justification, that hierarchy is an inevitable part of being human. Often the reaction among such people is to view efforts to subvert the current hierarchy as merely an attempt by one group to replace whatever group is on top. The uneasy feeling then is that the displaced get treated as shittily, at least, as the new winners had been. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

It could happen. Considering how poorly women have been treated in most patriarchal cultures, it’s something guys ought to think about.

But I’m teasing again. IMHO, nothing like that is inevitable, including hierarchy As We Know It… In any case, isn’t this what guys often do anyway: make a mess and leave it to the women to set things straight?

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