Chicago Sewer Poster

Photo / graphic by Roman.

Once, some years ago, I tripped and fell in front of the CTA bus I was running to catch. I landed square on a manhole cover. It was a spectacular crash resulting in an equally spectacular bruise that covered most of my upper arm. “What’s that!?” my doctor gasped when she saw it a few days later at a previously scheduled visit. I was somewhat proud of the bruise as it looked rather like the State of Illinois in outline. It could have been so much worse. Imagine your arm embossed with “SEWER”.

Chicago Teachers Strike Rally

Photos by Roman.

When I was in school several decades ago, I despised pep rallies. Then I became active in lefty politics. It’s been a lifetime of pep rallies. Here’s the latest, in support of the strike by Chicago Teachers Union Local 1 and Service Employees International Union Local 73.

When I take these photos, I’m mostly looking at two things: the signs and the faces. The faces I keep for myself, mostly. The signs are the politically significant dimension, especially as at so many rallies and demonstrations, it’s nearly impossible to hear the speakers.

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Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me…

Here is Duchess, reigning mouser of her household, contemplating a weighty issue: Those fingers… who am I reminded of? Smells familiar…

Duchess is a friend of mine… or rather, I’m her friend as her opinion of me would be that I am neither edible nor a predator of cats. It’s not that other things are irrelevant, but they fade from memory more quickly than our meetings.

History will dissolve us (Sorry, Che) but with cats, it’s much quicker.

Photo by Roman.

The Art of the Storm

I’m a sucker for time-lapse weather photography, and that is what Nicolaus Wegner is about:

Wegner is not one of my favorite weather photographers, but the stationary supercell featured above is lovely, evolving catch. Check out his other work on his Vimeo channel; his latest work has been getting “staff pick” recognition from Vimeo. Full screen and headphones and maybe an altered state are all recommended, but if you have difficulty with strobing effects, be warned.