Beeves in Summer

Cool cattle in shades…

The photos below were taken in the Summer of 2003 not far outside of South Jacksonville, Illinois, from an overpass crossing a stream. The stream is a branch of Mauvaise Terre Creek that flows into Mauvaise Terre Lake and then on through Jacksonville. They had quite an amazing flood some years back, I understand.

It was a very warm day. A local farmer was in the habit of letting his cattle hang out along the creek and under the bridge.

beeves 03
Cattle from bridge. Photo by Roman

The cattle very obviously enjoyed the spot, but they had little trust for strange humans. After some consideration, the consensus among them was to return to the barn.

beeves 01
Cattle consensus: return to barn. Photo by Roman.

The trade-off for allowing the cattle to hangout as if they were trolls is increased erosion of creek banks, soil loss, plus some downstream pollution from waste. Most farmers are pretty hip to such things so it’s likely the farmer felt the kindness worthwhile. The soil erosion is somewhat apparent in the photo below:

beeves 02
Cattle returning to barn. Note soil erosion on the left bank. Photo by Roman.

I believe South Jacksonville and Jacksonville get their water from wells.

Bye bye Elsie, Elmer and friends.

beeves 04
Cattle returning to barn. Photo by Roman.

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