A. I. Therapy

“After 100 years of progress, AI bots have finally become too human for their own good.”

This short video has some truly amusing twists. (Be sure to check out the book titles.)

If sci-fi aliens are humans in drag, it’s rarely much different when it comes to robots.

I admit to being skeptical when it comes to artificial intelligence. The first difficulty is simply one of definition: What is “intelligence”? But, beyond that, these are human creations, and they are created to serve our purposes. In a capitalist economy, one might create robots or programs or bots in a human image (body or mind) as a proof of concept or even as a research project, but other than that, why would you equip your tools with features irrelevant to its function?

Even if the ruling class decided machines were cheaper than us humans, they would effectively be creating slaves to replace us. And who wants an intelligent slave? Especially, who wants an intelligent slave with the potential for agency?