by Anna Akana

No, I am not an Anna Akana fan… but here she is again.

It’s odd. The YouTube page includes the poem as text. IMHO, it really doesn’t work. Words on a page (or screen), the poem is dead on arrival. But as performed, with animation by Jennifer Ruiz, the poem becomes alive. I like it alive. But then, I’m biased toward poetry being a performance art rather than literature.


There is more to storm chasing than tornadoes. Lightning, in some ways more dangerous than tornadoes, is also a phenomenon of fascination:

Photographing lightning is a bit of a technical challenge. One of my favorite weather videographers, Pecos Hank, put together this tutorial:

And for you gear-heads out there, a “lightning detector” is indeed a thing. Who knew? Are they useful? When are they useful? Another of my favorites, Mike Olbinski, provides the benefit of his experience:

Workin’ Dog

working dogs of the world, unite!

I don’t like music videos. I don’t like dogs. I do like Rich Hall.

This song was written as a part of one of Hall’s BBC 4 documentaries about the United States… Nashville, I think it was about. You can find at least 3 YouTube video’s based on this song. I think this is the best of the ones I’ve seen.

Post Script: as you can see, the original has been deleted. The song is worth a listen, so here is a second choice: