We Sleep

On the Enduring Propheticism of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE


The review is more interesting than the movie,

but you may be able to find We Sleep on the web. For copyright reasons, it tends to get taken down rather promptly (and with some irony).

The basic premise for Carpenter’s movie, incidentally, is from a 1963 short story by Ray Nelson. Beside the basic premise, the short story is quite different than the movie. The story was originally published in the magazine Fantasy & Science Fiction. I first encountered the story in Judith Merril’s 9th Annual Edition The Year’s Best S-F. Year’s best anthologies didn’t begin with Merril nor did they end with her, but her work as an editor of this series was nothing short of brilliant. It helped that she was working at a time when science fiction / fantasy plot elements and ideas were beginning to infiltrate into mainstream literature and into other genres.

Are these real aliens or humans in drag?